It’s Too Funky in Here Harmonica tabs

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Mmm, mmm
Too funky in here!!!
Gimme some air!
Too-woo funky in here!
Gimme some aaair!!
Open up the window, man!

Too fun-kay!
Say it!
Gimme some aaair!
Too fun-kay
In here!
Gimme some air!
It too funky in here!
Gimme some air!
Ooh, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo
Too fun-kay, ow!
Gimme some air ow, nyow!

Bass needs, a little watering down
A-hoo, hah!
Guitar could use, a little cool-uh sound-hyuh!
I need a little air-freshen up, Under the drums-uh!
Open up the window, y’all!
Let out some!

Here are the man ain’t leaving no slack-uh! Ha!
Horns ain’t holding, nothing back!
Ooo, uh!
Whole band knows that they getting down!
The air’s polluted with a fun-kay, fun-kay sound
Now say it a-gaiiin!

In the bridge, y’all!
Hooow, wow wow!
Guitar man!! Put it in you funky hand
And play!
Getting down tha’s right!
My name james brown is gyown!
Too fun-kay!
Too fun-kay in here!
Saaay it!
Gimme some air!

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