Kaboom! Harmonica tabs

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[First Verse]
KABOOM! Guess who’s back in the room?
The nigga with the skills to talk a dyke out her womb
Soon, very soon, they’ll recognize
Ain’t none as vicious or swift on these bitches
Picture, runnin’ your bust ass, succotash niggas
Who could get with the dog
’cause I rip shit
Up, with what? With skill
I still
Could whip up a batch of somethin’ them bitches can’t F*CK WIT
And still
I want much respect
If not, then I got, a lot of nuts to check
F*ck the check, I’m in this for my props now, partna
Watch a
Nigga drop knowledge like a rasta
I could scope where your head at
’cause I, funk up a room like the fumes of the wound of a dead rat
Yeah I done said that, fuckin’ right
Now ain’t no touchin’ mine, and Smooth ain’t nothin’ nice
Ha? Let it be known
Soon as I hit the door, fake niggas be gone
Ready for whatever you ready for
If ever you ready to take me to the other level, baby let me know
I got’cha back like a siamese twin
Or a chinese friend who lent’cha nineteen yen
Tim, perfects a hymn, like Mahalia
If you don’t know, I’m sure, somebody gone tell ya


KABOOM! Guess who’s back in the room?
My attitude is f*ck it and muthafuckas love it


[Second Verse]
KABOOM! Guess who stepped on the scene
The player with skills to outscore your whole team
I’m so clean you could eat red beans off me
Awfully swift with words, but combos costly
I’m straight bout my clout
I’m straight out the South
I wouldn’t give a bitch mouth-to-mouth, trust me
I’m wicked as Larry Bird jumpshots
And I run this bitch and green is a young cop
Not too many alive could survive my flow
Not too many freestyle like me, I know
But it’s bout time that y’all get recognized
And he who can’t see what I see, better check his eyes
He act froggish, then that’s his ass
Mr. Tim Smooth will suffocate another rapper, like a plastic bag
And ask his Dad, “You want some of Shaburnke?”
Show ya with that boot camp, they lettin’ me KA-BOOM!


[Third Verse]
Well I swing through the swamp like I’m Tarzan
I may be a marked man, but I ain’t mark brand
I’m boot camp, read it and weep
And here’s a dick trick BITCH now eat it in deep
You niggas sweet as bon-bons
Ol’ wannabe playin’ ass niggas need some pom-pons
Ha? You don’t want me to act a fool
And he shivers when he here my name, watch this:
Say it again, “Tim Smooth”
Five ten
I’m strong as straight gin
I’m harder than George Foreman’s uppercut to your chin
Tim, couldn’t be seen if I was wearin’ flourescent green
With a twenty inch fro, and no sheen
You hoes gonna understand
That I done fucked Wonder Woman twice, now bitches are callin’ me Wonder Man
And, I hold the fort in this platoon
But, Boot Camp Clicc, lit again ya bitch, KABOOM!


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