Keep Your Heart Broken Harmonica tabs

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Enfolding your love in my heart
By the dawn I’ll become
The road keeps us apart
For some time I’ll be gone.

You promise you swallow your tears when I leave you
You promise to follow the leads I would give you,
You said you would crawl in the dark from the laughter
You said you would long after me ever after.

My love will grow black if you heart get stolen
Just promise to keep your heart
One day I’ll come back if the door’s still open
Just promise to keep your heart broken.

Days go by like the wind
And this life it’s too short
It makes no sense to give in
To release you from my thoughts.

I promise to write you I’ll always remember,
I promise to try to be back ’till December
I said I must go, I must face this disaster,
You said I would come after you ever after.


If you just promise to keep your heart
Promise to keep your heart broken
If you just promise to keep your heart…


For ever and after my life
Just promise to keep your heart broken…

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