Kermes Macabre Harmonica tabs

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And there’s sand & salt between your teeth
Beneath the smiling sun
The air is blue w/ fun & games for what’s about 2 come
I remember fire lights when the day was about to die
I remember spider legs of smoke across the sky
And the Great Blue plashes
Softly greeting waves of distorted faces with me”

I was watching some TV, watching TV today
Everyone tryin’ to be real funky
But don”t have jack to say
But go’head, go’head play some shit instead
’cause you will never never ever ever funk
Go’head, Go’head
Play some shit instead
‘Cause if you do you’ll never ever ever funk

We’ve got professional wrestling and soap operas
Corny commercials and plastic malls
We celebrate mediocrity and worship crap
This country went to camp and never came back
‘Come over here boy have a guitar
You’re gonna go far You’re gonna fly high”
And then you’re gonna die
That’s the fee for eMpTy-V(ision)

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