Kick, Push [Remix] Harmonica tabs

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Uh, what up ya’ll
Soundtrack what’s poppin’ baby
Ya’ll ain’t know
I go by the name of
Lupe Fiasco
Representin’ that 1st & 15
And this one right here
I dedicate this one right here
To all my homies out there grindin’ (ya know what I’m saying)
Legally and Illegally
You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout
So, check it out

First got it when he was six
Didn’t know any tricks
Matter fact
First time he got on it he slipped
Landed on his hip and bust his lip
For a week he had to talk with a lisp
Like this
Now we can end the story right here
But shorty didn’t quit it was something in the air
He said it was somethin’ so appealing
He couldn’t fight the feelin’
Somethin’ about it
He knew he couldn’t doubt it
Couldn’t understand it
Brand it, since his first kickflip he landed
Labeled a misfit, abandoned
Ca-kunk, ca-kunk, kunk
His neighbors couldn’t stand it, so
He was banished to the park
Started in the morning wouldn’t stop till after dark
When he said it’s getting late in here
So “I’m sorry young man there’s no skating here”

So we Kick, Push Kick, Push Kick, Push Kick, Push Coast
And the way he roll just a rebel to the world with no place to go
So we Kick, Push Kick, Push Kick, Push Kick, Push Coast
So come and skate with me, just a rebel looking for a place to be
So let’s Kick, and Push, and Coast

Push down with the right, lift up with the left
Push down with both feet man, now land that shit fresh
We used to ride around just doin’ that
With some used Airwalks and Billabong on my back
Happily because my mom couldn’t afford it
When it came to Black validity, I guess they felt shorted
Identity crisis, they scrunched they facial
How we both black and our kid is biracial?
Okay, let me simplify the story yo
I was black but white in the middle like an Oreo
I skateboarded past all the shit I coulda been
I know my dead homies wish they was much gooder then
I mean gooder then, not cuz I’m better than
See, Airs got hooder man, blood got wetter than
I was just tryna bring it home and set a trend
But they would just yawn like it’s Late Night for Letterman
I’m tryna tell ’em, it ain’t no chance it’s a fad
But they look at my Sadplant like a plant that was sad
These niggas count more grants than my dad
From all the cocaine in the grams of a bag
Skateboard P stand for skateboard past
All the bullshit that the devil’s plans had
It grew up happy man, that plant wasn’t sad
So I put it in Vanity Fair and the Zoo York ad
And I cooked it up to a crystallized dream
Take a puff, don’t that taste like ice cream?
My record come out, the store calls your girl
Hate it or love it, I warthog the world

So he kick, push, kick, push, kick, push, kick, push
Coast, and the way he rolled
Just a rebel to the world with no place to go
So he kick, push, kick, push, kick, push, kick, push
Coast, so come and skate with me
Just a rebel, looking for a place to be
So let’s kick, and push, and coast


Yea uh, yea, yea
Before he knew he had a crew
That weren’t no punk
In they Spitfire shirts and SB Dunks
They would Push, till they couldn’t skate no more
Office building, Lobbies weren’t safe no more
And it wasn’t like they weren’t getting chased no more
Just the freedom is better than breathing they said (they said)
And they escape route, they used to escape out
When things got crazy they needed to break out (they’d head)
To any place with stairs, any good grinds the world was theirs, uh
And they four wheels would take them there
Till the cops came and said “There’s no skating here”


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