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Make me a rendezvous
Keep me alive
Point me away from you
And hope I arrive
Put up a monument
Remember my name
Will you shine up my memory
When it’s all that remains
Build me a castle
And throw a parade
Put my name in stone
So the words don’t fade
Start a religion
And name it for me
Build me a city
And give me the key
I’m king for a day
I can do no wrong
I’m king for a day
’till the next one comes along
Heros are wonderful
I’m first to admit
But out here past the sun
That doesn’t help me a bit
When you wake up tomorrow
I’ll be light years away
But you’ll find some other hero
To be kind for a day
{repeat chorus}
I won’t wake up
Cold sleepin’ in zero-g
There’s nothin’ else here that I can see
I get this feeling that I’m not alone
It’s in the air, I feel it in my bones
Oh I won’t wake up
And I won’t turn around
I won’t open my eyes
And I won’t make a sound
Don’t make a sound
There’s nothin’ else here, the instruments say
If I don’t open my eyes will it go away
Oh, I won’t wake up
There’s nothin’ out here, that’s what they all say
If I don’t open my eyes, will it go away
{repeat chorus}
I won’t wake up

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