Lick My Decals Off, Baby Harmonica tabs

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Rather than I want to hold your hand,
I want to swallow you whole
‘N I want to lick you everywhere it’s pink
‘N everywhere you think
Whole kit ‘n kaboodle ‘n the kitchen sink
Heaven’s sexy as hell
Life is integrated,
Goes together so well
‘N so on
Well, I’m gonna go on ‘n do my washing
Well, now you may think I’m crazy but I want you to
Lick my decals off baby
‘N I don’t want you to be lazy

‘Cause it’s drivin’ me crazy
‘N this song ain’t no sing-song
It’s all about the birds ‘n the bees
‘N where it went all wrong
‘N where it all belongs
‘N the earth all go down on their knees
Lookin’ for ah little ease
She stuck out her toungue ‘n the fun begun
She stuck out her toungue ‘n the fun begun
She stuck it out at me, ‘n I just thumbed my nose
‘N went on washing my clothes

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