Little Rock Harmonica tabs

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Wake up in the mornin’
Long and lean
Stoppin at the corner
Cigarettes and gasoline
Pulling down mainstreet
Shifting through the gears
Rolling up that highway
They’ve been working on for years
One eye on the sunrise
One eye the clock
Come tomorrow mornin’
Lord, I’m gonna make it down to
Little Rock

I search through L.A. county
The valleys and the stars
Del rio to the bayou
All those honkey tonks and bars
I been through seattle
Driving through the rain
Praying through New York City
Just-a calling out your name
To all these years of searchin’
I finally found my spot
One way or another
Lord, I’m gonna make it down to
Little Rock

Hey, all my life I tried to find
A piece of this earth
For my piece of mind
All these years of searchin’
Let my troubles disappear
Baby, find a place where
We can sit and drink a beer
Have a pack in seven hours
Boot up on the shelf
Singin to the radio
And talkin to myself
Screamin through the forrest
Magic on my soul(?)
90 miles an hour
On the cruise control
I’m blowin’ by the truckers
The grandmas and the cops
What your hurry son?
It’s just that I’m on my way to
Little Rock

Well baby get ready
Troubles on its way
Only thinking ’bout you
Every night and every day
Tell all your other lovers
Forget about the past
Ain’t even gonna worry
’cause this time it’s gonna last
I’m coming around the corner
Ain’t even gonna knock
Hey pretty baby
Here comes your daddy down to
Little Rock

Hey Little Rock
I’m going to Little Rock

I may be the only one
But I’m going

I ain’t sleeping on the couch

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