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Day after day had passed
Shadows cast
Of long forgotten things
That I had failed to do
Passing through
Nameless places
Then I heard you speak
I held my breath and turned
Saw you, and heard you say to me
“Have you a cigarette?”
So we met, and love was something real and not a word

And there were times she took my breath away
She gave me thoughts to think and words to say

We were so happy then
Life began
When all at once
Her eyes grew cold
She spoke to me
Laughed at me
Telling me
That I was just a joke
She doesn’t want me now
Tells me how
All she ever wanted was to see me cry
And now I’m all alone, I know she’s satisfied

Now when she leaves she’ll take my life away
And so the curtain falls and ends the play

She’ll take my life away
She’ll take my life away

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