Love Don’t Love Nobody Harmonica tabs

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Sometimes a man will come and go
You reach for love
But life won’t let you know
That in the end
You still be loving him

But then he’s gone
And your all alone
I never learned
To give myself
I been a fool

But right now I need someone else
Well well well well
Just like girl blue I
I build my home here for you
Just leave me home
Babe I should have known

It takes a fool to learn
That love don’t love nobody
It takes a fool to learn
That love don’t love no one
No one

The sign of pain
Is on my fence well
Don’t you know that my heart beat stops
But I won’t take the blame no no no no
I gave him all
The love I had within
My love was strong slumded with love

It takes a fool (yes sir) to learn
That love (love love love love love well well well)
Don’t love nobody
It takes a fool (yes it does boy)
To learn that love (love don’t love no one)
Don’t love no one (it’s hard to think about it well)
It takes a fool to learn…

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