Love Somebody Harmonica tabs

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I need a minute
Can we get some time
We both know we don’t see eye to eye
I know it’s hard on us when we disagree
But don’t you think that you and me could take a chance and

Love somebody
Somebody needs you
You could be the one to
Love somebody
Take a chance and pass it on
You could be the one to love

I had a dream just the other day
With blinded eyes we let
Real love guide the way
Nobody felt we had to look the same or talk the game
We found true beauty and we weren’t afraid to go ahead and


If Mandisa ain’t changed your mind
It ought to be flipped by the end of this rhyme
Cause she gave me eight to flow and translate
Recalibrate end all debates

Cause this bomb is about to drop y’all
Diverse City just can’t be stopped
So here we go, come check the show
Come one, come all, come overflow with love

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