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It’s the children that I feel for,
Yes the children make me feel more,
More than the liqour, more than the art,
More than the Beach Boys records.
It’s the drink that gives us heartache,
It’s the charity we won’t take,
We feel so empty and our late twenties should be better times.
It’s the love and the truth and the hope and the faith,
That will destroy us in the end.
It’s the look in the eyes of those one night stands that gives us the will to
It’s the feeling of fucking the people that we’re loving that spurs us
onto endless sleepless nights,
And love will destroy us in the end.
There’s not a thing that I can save from all those wasted, wasted days,
And theres no faith that will ever save me from being faithful,
And the damn phone never rings,
And I would give up everything,
For a little wine, some conversation
And just for being healthy.

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