Lover’s Groove Harmonica tabs

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The feelings on
To the break of dawn
The party’s on
Lover’s groove

Let me take you on a ride
To a place where the ladies freak yo mind
Only Romeo knows where the hunnies go
And I got the freak of the week
So let me take you to the love land
Where the feeling’s right and the girls look tight
Cause there’s nothing else to do on this crazy filled night
Nothing else to do on this crazy filled night

The sun is shining
The girls are fly
All the lovers around, well well
Everybody’s on the street
Doing the freak
Baby freak with me
In the lovers land


So I’m feeling high right
I got the vibe, you got the vibe
Freaks come out at night
So get your groove on
Party all night long
So I got the freak with the big ole butt
I got nothing but love for you baby
So let’s ride, to the lovers groove

The beat is creeping
Real fly flavor
A crazy cray vibe
All the lovers out tonight, well well
Bodies shaking, love making
To the lover’s groove
Where you can kick it


Yeah, LDB’s kicking it the lover’s lane, yeah
With the lover’s, in the lovers groove, yeah
This how we do it,
Yeah, with all the lovers in the lovers lane, yeah


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