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When I first saw you
I had nothing to compare to
How could I recognize the man of a life time
But when you first told me
Of the secrets deep within me
I had to admit
This is it
If it not had been fortold
The love that would unfold
can’t wait til it overflows
Just look no one even knows
I can’t deny it
I’m ready to try
When I look in your eyes
I feel butterflies

Ya Ya Pa Pa
Man oh man
Man of a life time

You know I had to get near you cause
Your pullin’ my trigger duck
I’m bout to blow
I think you know
Your fulfilling my fantasies
I had before you and me
You knew without know
And my mind is blowing
Come take a trip
Come take a dip
I think I knew what eve felt
Before they slipped
Safe in your arms
Deep in your arms
I’ve waited so long to sing you this song


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