Manual (Chapter 4) Harmonica tabs

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The warmest welcome to everybody reading the manual
The manual gives you the basic information
The ingredients and the six step easy to follow guide
Please pay attention to the useful guide and the helpful tips
As we lead you through

You need
A small piece of thick paper as a mouth piece
The most common is to use the top side
From a hard top cigarette pack

You need large size rolling papers
One of the best brands on the market is smoking
Because their rolling papers are very thin
And are the perfect size

You need
The finest tobacco is hand rolling tobacco
But a second possibility
Is to use the tobacco from a normal cigarette

You need
Pot, grass, ganja, marijuana
It has various names
But they all refer to the following three main types
Weed, weed is the bud from hemp plants
The effect is usually uplifting and mellow
Hash, hash is the pressed pollens and resins of the marijuana plant
You will experience a more relaxed feeling
And a stronger effect than weed
Skunk, skunk is the artificially grown hemp plant
And is usually the strongest of the three

There are different ways to make a joint

But we have produced this six step
Easy to follow guide

One, if you have hash you need to heat it and crumble it
If its weed, you need to remove the seeds first
And then crumble it as well
Two, roll the mouth piece
Fold the end of the paper three times
And then roll it in to a cylindrical form
Three, take the rolling paper
And hold it with the gum side on top away from you
Four, now mix the weed, skunk or hash with the tobacco
On the rolling paper
A good mix makes the joint burn nice and smooth
But be careful
Half a gram is enough to get four people stoned
If your beginners
Five, begin rolling
Place the mouth piece in one end of the rolling paper
Then start rolling from the middle going out wards
Let your thumbs do the walking
And try to give support and pressure with your for fingers
Six, wet the glue and seal the joint

Now you have a joint
It’s up to you what you want to do with it

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