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Want to get lost in the mellow mellow of my mind
Chop a tree, pay the cost
I rather have a glass of you that’s fine
Come on over baby ’round seven
Chill in you’re favorite chair

You can watch a tape of this mellow after party
Macy and Common were there
Besides, you know, it takes, awhile, for me, to do, my, hair

Come on get lost in the mellow mellow
Come on get lost in the mellow mellow

How’s that feel?

Where you want to eat tonight baby?
I know this dope spot called one another
Or maybe we might swing by the Egg
The perfect place to play house
I could smother you
I just might be runnin’ lines
There’s just so much you can find
In the mellow of my mind

This rainbow psychedelia
Come and get lost in the mellow
There ain’t nothin’ to be afraid of
Just you and me in the mellow of my mind

I want to get lost in the composition of you
Learn the rhythm and play only the notes you want me to
I’m a good learner and once I understand
I’ll stand under you and let you show me how you want you’re man to be
I could dance for you a little comical minuet
If you desire I’ll shed my attire
Anything to get you wet.

Shower, my flower?
So much to do, so little time
So choose wisely and you can find thee
In the mellow of my mind

Can I sing to you while you bring yourself to joy?
I’ll go slow at first, while you quench you’re thirst
Wet circles round the toy
While you bring yourself to joy

As she fell into the sensual ever after, out of body out of mind,
She stroked her hair a hundred times.
And as she fell deeper into the hypnotic unwind, he counted his way into the suggestive mind.
Planting a seed that bears fruit on the tree,
He said, “Repeat after me. Repeat after me. Repeat after me. One+one+one is three”

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