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If I was king
I would rule the hands that you pray with
Shoved into dark aisles
Silhouette of my pain
We spoke wild

I was the fading
When you look at me that way
She stares laughing
The words spill in my brain
If you think that I’m laughing
Well if you think that I’m dead
Hey sad

Do you think it’s all that bad
It’s just the personal things
That seem to pay
Hey smile
Would you stay awhile
It’s just the way I get
When you act that way

I would die for you
I would die with you
I would die if you
Leave this way

Midnight in my mind
Eyes that burn bright
To a city rage
And the city pays him no mind
Just get on by
She knows the killer comes
He comes to steal her
She turns twisted sleep
Burns bright in my eyes
The chances of one left
Kicking up dust
Practicing drowning
Breathe to the tick of her heart

And the city rages
And the city takes
The hands that you sin with
And we feed wildly
And we speak wildly wildly
Feel heavy
Feel the sin win
And the sin wins

And we hear our killer
Tends to find one
And the killer climbs
Tortured time
Just to feel her breathe

When the killer comes
Tackled in shadows
Sees the foot of her bed
She moves
Shake shiver
And I can’t think

And the motion plays
Twist in feel the push

Sticky hands
She knows the killer walks
She can believe one will be one
She knows the killer walks
She knows the killer talks
She can believe when
The killing starts
When the killer walks he shoots
When the killer talks he shoots

The blood sweat
Moves me
Make me
Move me
Jesus come
Jesus take us
Jesus save us

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