Merry Christmas Harmonica tabs

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The snow is falling in a cold winter night
Stars in the sky shining bright see the light
Forget about the problems for one day in your life
With your wife, your family, your friends and in harmony
Let’s come together help the sad and lonely through
It could be me or you so what we gonna do
Come and take my hand, let me understand
Welcome to the Christmas land

Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
Feel the power of the silent night
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
See the guiding star is shining so bright
Oh oh oho
We’re celebrating Christmas
Come and join the party of love
Oh oh oho
We’re celebrating Christmas
See the stars are shining above

Who wants to spend Christmas time alone
At home on your own sitting next to the phone
Waiting for someone who’s calling tonight
To hold you tight, let the stars shine bright
Feel the spirit, the power of love
These emotional moments and the sky above
Friends are together celebrating hand in hand
Welcome to the Christmas land

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