Metalmorphosis Harmonica tabs

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Weak the body and the sould
Poor the body and the mind
Lost the vision as a whole
Shame and disgrace to the kind

Drift around directionless
No clue what occurred to me
Got myself into a mess
Swallowed down by misery

Body – Body – Body
Mind – Mind – Mind
Soul – Soul – Soul

This was then but this is now
Find your own identity
This was then but this is now
Truth lies in intensity

Time for change
Metamorphosis – Metamorphosis
History repeats itself
At the point of no return
Decay’s put back on the shelves
Dying flame is back to burn

Energy is streaming back
Removes weakness frame by frame
New beginning’s taking shape
Destiny recalls my name

This was then but this is now
Regained power and control
This was then but this is now
On the edge but burning slow.

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