Midnight Harmonica tabs

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Keeping afloat after midnight
Using your favorite smile
Keeping it flowing round midnight
You’re gonna drift for a while

Going too fast after midnight
You won’t be able to choose
Water’s too high around midnight
You know you’re going to loose

Although you swear
That you will never ever ever loose control
I’ve seen you slipping baby, sliding
But I’ve never seen you fall

Keeping your cool after midnight
Leaving with faces you know
Keeping it cool after midnight
Busy, but taking it slow

Seeing your eyes after midnight
Makes me forget what I’ve lost
Hearing your voice around midnight
Gratefully paying the cost

And though you think that you will never ever ever
Loose your grip
I’ve seen you tripping, baby
Sliding, but I’ve never seen you slip

So easy to let go
Much easier I know
So easy to look back
So easy to keep track

I loved you for a while
I loved your weary smile
So easy to keep track
So easy to look back

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