Midnight Melodic Harmonica tabs

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Ya, Turn my headphones up a little bit
Yeah huh huh yeah

Watch the pendulum swing
And look what raz can bring
Calm and deadly
When these fools try to spread me
Better get ready
I just drop my new shit
While niggaz is out buying new shoes and outfits
Out to kick
The full fledged double edged
Slice the head
Set the put mics to bed
Seeing the red
‘Bout see them small darts
You claiming you claiming you big time ain’t nothin but small shots
Off the top of the dome
Get it on
If hip hop is lost get raz to bring it home
Ready to live
And got so much to give
Rewinding my tape
Checking my hooks and adlibs
Out the crib
I spit rhymes from the bib
Crack the ribs
Rip they and slay it
Tell your kids
I rip rhymes back to back
But understand i only drop mines on dope tracks
Spinnin the wax at thirty three and a third
So what’s the word
I’m straight from the suburbs
With ghetto respect
So when these great minds connect
We can all get together
And cash them fat checks

So much to give
We ?? down
So much to give
We ?? down why’all
So much to give
We ?? down yeah yeah yeah yeah
We ?? down why’all
So much to give
Check it

I captivates the whole crowd
And still be catchin that black cloud
My heavy rain drops be makin they brains stop
Right off the top of the dome i spits chrome
And leave why’all with like 25 chromosomes
They still trying to clone my type at cell sites
The only MC that’s equipped with tail pipes
V6 quicker than shit
You ain’t shit
Kinda like a basshead smokin that can’t quit
Don’t ride the dick
They balls is too small
So when they drop lines-

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