Moonlighting Harmonica tabs

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He sees her at the same time every night
At the Mexican discotheque
She gives him french kisses
He gives her french cigarettes
They sit at the same table every time
The lights are low
But their eyes shine
Just digging the music
From those sweet soul bands

She keeps him outta fights
Holds on to his hand
He whispers slowly “tonight’s the night”
Months of planning so it’s gotta be right
Under the table her bag is busting at the seams
She made sure to bring everything

Moonlighting they’re leaving everything
Moonlighting they’re losing all their friends
Moonlighting it’s the only way
It’s frightening but it means they’ll stay
Together they’re gonna make it together

His blue Morris van is parked in an alley
Just by Montague street
His friend Eddie he did the respray
So he couldn’t drive it all last week
And it cost most of the money
That he had saved up
To pay Eddie’s receipt
But he figures it’s worth it
Cause the disguise is a must
When they go missing
They’re gonna look for the van first
She whispers slowly “it’ll be alright”
I took some cash from my building society
And my monthly check came in just right
If only they knew they weren’t giving it away

9:15 Monday morning at the printing works
The boss notices someone’s not clocked in
And the water department
Of the council offices has a message
That Mrs. Park’s daughter is missing
Meanwhile the Carlisle turnoff of the m6 motorway
Drinking cold black coffee eating hot cup cakes
She stares at him with his beard unshaved
Wonders at his powers of staying awake
He whispers slowly “you did just fine”
They shared the driving all through the night
She laughs “my mother will have lost her mind
We’re only ten miles to Gretna
They’re three hundred behind

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