Music in Colors Harmonica tabs

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I hear music in colors I see it in the air
And all the sisters and brothers I see them there
When all the lights go out all over town
And all the pretty fireworks fall down

I’m waiting for a wake up call I don’t try to sleep
I watch fluorescent second hand creep.
You know I love another does it bother you?
Do you think that one love is good enough for two?

The pure pain of jealousy a piercing fear
Passed right through her soul like a spear
We all have deeply hidden chords that someone else must strike
To hear the very ringing of the psyche.

I hear you split up with your boyfriend
And he seemed unconcerned
Love’s a fickle fortune babe
Every penny must be earned

We’re astronauts we’re angels but we’re never coming down
For all the gods who’ve passed us by have drowned
The boogaloo of modern verse is dancing in her mind
Still very much the nervous kind.

Do you like this kind of party I don’t know why I came
They take winning so seriously but never play the game
I can smell the powder of your make up, your perfume
Sense you when you’re in another room

Are they still talking about furniture
‘Bout one or other chair
I can only see you sitting there.

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