My Love Harmonica tabs

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Satin and velvet
Leather and lipstick
On the one that I love

Cheap gold
Chains made of cheap gold
Plastic and rhinestones
On the one that I love

My love
Acts like a porno star
Talks like a trickster
Works like a whore

By my love
Looks like an icon
And that’s that I adore

Rubber and vinyl
Viscose and Velcro
On the one that I love

Week old mascara
Broken tiara
One the one that I love
My loves

Wakes up on vodka
Beds down on Valium
Snorts coke off the floor
My love

Looks beautifully wasted
And that’s what I adore
My love
Loves tattoos in biro

Love bites and lager
And long Menthol fags
My love
Smokes like Betty Davis

In short vicious drags
My love
Sleeps like an angel
Dreams like a devil

On sheets of velour
My love
Is a walking disaster
And that’s

Oh yes that’s
What I adore

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