My Old Timey Baby Harmonica tabs

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My, you girls are sure lookin’ nice tonight
Thanks, Dan
Yeah, you remind me of a girl who lives in my apartment complex (oh, yeah?)
Really, I don’t know where she does her shoppin’, but man, what style

She’s a bit old-timey, but that’s alright with me
She wears a dress of velvet that hangs below her knees, her knees
She’s a bit old-fashioned, as all the world can see
The cameo she wears upon her bosom, puts me in ecstasy, ecstasy
Yes, she’s her own grandmother, that’s what they’re telling me
But my old-timey baby is swell enough for me, you see

You see, she plays her old Victrola
The lamp is low, kerosene, you know
You know we lie, we lie upon her bed
The patchwork quilt beneath her head
(Her wheel is spinning, spinning) or while her wheel is spinning
She sews some lace or we embrace
Or when we go out strolling, the world can plainly see
(That my old-timey baby is swell (she’s swell) enough, she’s young (she’s young) enough
She’s hip enough for me

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