My True Story Harmonica tabs

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Cry, cry, cry whoa
Cry, cry, cry whoa

There is a story
That I must tell
Of two lovers
That I knew well
Now they must cry, cry, cry whoa
Their blues away (cry cry cry their blues away)

Her name was Sue, yes
His name was Earl
His love was Lorraine
She’s a wonderful girl
But they must cry, cry, cry whoa
Their blues away (their blues away)

Love will make you happy
And love will make you cry
Love will make the tears fall
When your lover says goodbye

And then you’ll cry, cry, cry whoa
Your blues away (cry cry cry your blues away)

This story ends here
It was no lie
Names have been changed dear
To protect you and I

But we must cry, cry, cry whoa
Our blues away (cry cry cry)
Mmm (whoa, whoa our blues away)
We must cry (cry cry cry whoa whoa our blues away) mm, oh baby

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