Nervous Young Inhumans Harmonica tabs

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You should’ve seen my cursive back then
Every letter was above the line
My ps and qs raised their stems
So nothing crossed beneath
I’m a little better now

You never lifted your voice
You never raised your hand
You never showed me your inhuman
You understand

Art gets what it wants and art gets what it deserves

Most people are jokes but you’re so real
Most of the time that I use the word “you”
Well you know that I’m mostly singing about you

You swore you’d never use the face that your ex invented
So let’s meet up in uncanny valley

You never lifted your voice
You never raised your hand
I only show you my inhuman
You understand

You’ll get what you want and you’ll get what you deserve
You’ll get what you want and you’ll get what you deserve

I’m a good person, I’m a powerful person
I don’t believe in evil
I think that evil is an idea created by others to avoid dealing with their own nature
I understand my own nature
Good and evil have nothing to do with it
I understand myself, I control myself
I control everything within myself
My domain is my domain
I can lie on my back and affect the lives of those I love without moving a finger
But I would only affect them in good ways
I don’t waste time on evil
I’m a good person
Is this thing on?
Do you know about Jesus?
Do you really know?
All you know is what you’ve been told
Listen with your heart, sing with your heart
You’ve just been singing about girls
What do you know about girls? F*ck
Why are you so tense?
You’ve gotta start singing with love in your heart, is this on?
Adam, are you here?
A pain star has entered your house, but what are you going to do about it?
Are you going to touch it? It only once happens every thousand years, maybe even two thousand years
And how long is a year, really?
It’s almost Halloween
I haven’t done shit this year
It’s been a summer, it’s been summer since February, I was in Australia
God, California? Then what? June, July, August, a month in Europe
I can’t even go to Ikea anymore, I’ve got flashbacks, f*ck
You should see the lights that I got there, I think you’d like them
I think you’d like them a lot

Isn’t this where

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