No Equalizer Harmonica tabs

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You want a perfect prefab world
Where the boy always gets the girl
But the world’s not really like that
Where knights in armor slay the beast
And every peasant gets a feast
But I don’t want a world that’s like that
Cause if the beast has a heart and the peasant has none
Your equalizer’s come undone
Now what’s left to do when every wish always comes true?
And what’s great to me won’t seem so great to you
There’d be no saints if every heart was overflowing
There’d be nothing to learn if everyone was all-knowing
Well it’s a worthy crusade but I won’t cheer the parade of the equalizer
100 smiles make a frown mean more
There’s no equalizer
Off the lines in factory
Cookie cutter mentality
Well the world’s already like that
And I’m sorry if you disagree but that’s the point
It takes a bit of piss to put the spice in victory

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