Nothing But Harmonica tabs

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Please believe me
I’m ecstatic for you
Well why should I pretend
I have nothing to lose
No I don’t compare
You’ve got it all wrong now
My sorrows left behind
Let me tell you the truth

I feel nothing but joy and pride and happiness
Nothing but cheerful face with kindness
I feel nothing but oceans of love and forgiveness
For you and your sweet girl
Please ignore the particular way I smile
Take no notice of the blood on the lip I bite
I am still your friend
There is no denying
For you and your new girl

Yes I remember
Everybody has affairs
Oh yeah we had some fun
But she is so perfect for you


Oh, Oh, Ahhh

I feel nothing but joy and pride
Nothing but cheerful ride
Nothing but oceans of love
Nothing but…

[Chorus x 2]

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