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Houston, Texas, the third largest city in the U.S.A.
We really off the hook, we off the chain man

[Lil’ Keke]
No doubt, off the rip, ain’t no telling about me
Busting haters on a mill that like a half a ki
I come prepared off the block, keeping one in the cham-ber
Back from no where here comes the black lone ranger
From a rookie to a star, to a certified pro
Cause I’m all about my dough so I’m the ceo
When I turn on the corner best believe they look
Cause I’m platinum in the ghetto and I’m off the hook
When I jump up in my ride I pack a, concealed weapon
Cause ain’t, no, half, stepping
Lesson one my man, go on and do what you do
And you need to get the rifle or you worried bout two
Cause I’m hated by many, and loved by few
But I kill down fry ‘fore I bother you
I’m no fire, baby I done got me a spot
It’s the Commission rich man represented by cops

(Chorus – 2x)
I’m on fire, on fire, that’s the name of the game
They say we off the hook but we really off the chain
Wrote a rhyme baby we can sure grind
East and West coast and the dirty southside

[Lil’ Keke]
They shouldn’t of said ran they mouth say he can’t come back
He took a year vacation, and he go like that
I’m sitting swoll like that, you know I’m cold like that
Off the hook, off the chain you know we roll like that
I pledge allegiance to the thug society
I grind all week and act a fool on Friday
We click up, dumping the trucks and do the pick up
In and out all these freaks just like a stick up
Who you know, gone be ready to ball
I’m talking bout let it go, and don’t matter the price
It might be tailor mo’, cause I’ma sure get mine
And then do a 3-60 or get left behind
Push dubs through the city cause I like to shine
Sitting tall on boys with the seats reclined
I’m 25, really trying to live so live
Praying to reach the top before the day I die
H-Town, Atlanta, you love it the most
D-Town, New Orleans represent third coast

(Chorus – 2x)

[Lil’ Keke]
Don’t knock the hustle man it’s all the same
We all greedy and hungry and want the same damn thang
T-E-X-A-S let me really represent it
Always riding dirty so the windows stay tinted
Haters frowning up nigga take that mask off
God damn right, I’m stunting my ass off
Houston, is how to get that feel
Memphis 10, Orange Mile then a trip to the Ville
Big ups and more props to the big boy flossing
Fellas living gangsta and woke up in Austin
I’m on a mission cause I love to ro’
Hit the stage on fire then the Don explode
No pain, no game, that’s the price of fame
Grab the mic and went off and left the place off the chain

(Chorus – 4x)

[Lil’ Keke]
Street Port, Lafayette you know they off the chain
Mississippi, Chi-Town you know they off the chain
Alabama, Arkansas you know they off the chain
Miami, Terror Rate you know they off the chain
Atlanta, Cincinnati you know they off the chain
St. Louis, Kansas City you know they off the chain
H-Town, D-Town you know we off the chain
?Cossence? Santa Tone you know they off the chain
It’s going down, cause that’s the name of the game
My nigga D-X got this track off the chain, off the chain
Cause that’s the name of the game
We really off the hook man we really off the chain

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