Oh Singer Harmonica tabs

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Oh singer sing me an old song yeah
Oh singer sing me an old song sing me an old song about cotton place
Tell me how the good earth feels down in the high white cotton yeah
Cause in my life I’ll never get to walk on my knees in the fields

Oh singer sing about the railroad
Sing about the coal shovellin’ on the Elliney rail
Let me get a ride afar with all the people in the depot
Cause in my life singer I’ll never ride those coal black trains

Take me back oh singer take me back
I’m livin’ a life I can’t slow down cept with a song
And I wanna know how the people make it without big corporations
And I wanna feel how the people live when life is old

Oh singer take me to the river
Let me ride the big river boat down to New Orleans
Let me lean up aboard and wash my hands in the Mississippi water
Cause singer I can only ride that boat in a song you sing

Take me back oh singer take me back…
Oh singer sing me an old song…
In the fields

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