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Onward I walk,
Alone and abandoned

Feeling the wind and the icy cold rain
Feeling each step, destiny hidden
All to aware of the fear and the pain
Feeling the sting of true betrayal
Now I have no one to trust but myself
I am now one, no more believer
Yet there is still wind to fill my sail

A paradise I seek shall be found
The only one I’ll know
I challenge failure to cut me down
Cause it’s onward I shall go
My power strength shall never die
As long as I stay alive
One word shall always be by my side
Ever moving onward!!!!

Battles I’ve won,
The war I have lost
My blood and my tears
They are equally spilled
The risk I shall take,
The feel of the cost
The prophecies of shattered dreams
Now fulfilled
The specters they watch,
I can hear them laugh
Yet I will impale onto their doubting eyes
Victory due one of these days
Revenge will silently
Come all in due time

Onward on, never underestimate my force of will
Onward on, never I will hesitate to know
That I will fight!!

Onward I walk, with each step now close
But closer to something that might not be there
Using the rage, feeling the hunger
The book that I read always has a new page
Come strike me down, take all that you need
Resilience is my new found weapon of choice
Again I will rise, one day I will win
As long as I sing onward cry from my voice!!

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