Our Heroin Recess Harmonica tabs

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My brother
I watch over you, though you tore up my life
Am free, and tonight reborn
Inside the shade of a burning spoon

People empty their souls

Lifting us higher
Ejecting our sin
Spiking the blood
Decay starts to rot
Iâ??m losing you

The gallow
Itâ??s in my own garden
Itâ??s ready to chew
Growing concern
But too late is too late, I twist and I tumble
I hang myself today

Hang myself higher
Free from this world
The rope starts to burn
A desolate cry
Licking my hand

Canâ??t you see, All of me
Donâ??t you know how I bled for you
With my foe, I did grow
Told my wrath and got over it
All is done, fill your lungs
Only grey skies are over us
For my blood, How we grew
Night and morning with the fear

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