Player Harmonica tabs

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Haha wassup girl nahsayin
I want to get wit you (can I get wit you baby yeah)
Cause you know you look good girl (gotta get to know you)
But you quiet look just meet me at the park yo crib my crib

You lookin’ nasty in that fit wit yo eyeballs
Lit short skirt wit da split like you know that
You it you make a player want to hit take a shower
And split come back in the same hour
Cause the fun don’t quit yeah I really want to touch
Ya and rub you wit clusters put you down on my team
And keep you back from the busters I’ma rapper
And a hustler plus a freak under cover bagage up
Beside the hummer and just gimme ya number goin hard
Under sheets until the mission complete and I can feel
My self deep or your heart wouldn’t beat I’m like weezy wee
When I step in the room smell the powder and purfume
Make this thing go boom I need love and hugs to keep away
From the drugs vacealene and marble floors that’s the life
Of a thug steadily makin’ your world with pretty diamonds and
Perls you my nut like a squirl ay wassup baby girl

How can a player get to know ya
Want to show ya what I’m about baby
Why don’t you come around my way

How can I get to know ya I really don’t have time
I wind and dine big benz boutta show you mines
You show me yours I’m like a comordor when I step
On the floor they scream gimme more gimme more
I make e’m all holla the young denaya make e’m all
Follow come sit in paula R.I.P be to the screw
He made me what I am today and that’s true
I’ma swang in the coupe wit the
Top down you got yours and now I got mine you can
Tell cause I did it and I done it the candy red six
Hundred watch me smash and run it you better call
The doctor cause I’ll make ya faint got my bumper kit
And a cup or drank we be ridin’ and we be ridin’ on them
Twenties kick them do’s all the hingies slidin’ on lorenzies

This is for the yella bones that sho’ can bounce
I want to get you to the room and just rub ya down I’m
Tryna have big things and buy ya big rings
I’m flossin’ around town in a fo’ six mayn its Flex
Time to have sex flossin round’ plex in a big body lex
Welcome to my world where the fun don’t stop flossin
Round’ town wit my bumper on lock ballin’ in the mall tryna
Spend some time I know you wonder what we do we jus shop
Till’ we drop find another like for the tenekan pipe
Ain’t nuttin change but mo change in the state where I stay
Its goin’ down when I come around my kit on my stompin’ ground
Girls don’t be trippin’ they just talk when I come around
Girls be rubbin’ me masajen and huggin’ me I’ma stay
Where I’m comin’ from cause my fans be lovin’ me

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