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So many words I’d like to say to you
So many things I’d like to do for you
I count the seconds till you’re back by my side
The flame only burns when you’re here in my life
You’re the only one for me

Please tell me now I’ll ever get over you
Though I know you’re gone
Can’t believe that it’s true
Please tell me how to ever stop waiting for you
With every beat of my heart
I’ll be waiting for you

Time after time
My every thought is you
Day after day
I want to be with you
Open your heart
And I’m sure that you’ll see
No words can express what you mean to me
Baby you’re my destiny

I’m waiting for the day
When you come back in my live
I’m waiting for the day
When all that’s wrong is right
And I’m praying for the time
When you are here I’m my arms
Hold you tight all day and all night

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