Po’ Folks Christmas Harmonica tabs

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There’s a whole lotta people lookin’ down their noses at me
‘Cause I didn’t come from a wealthy family
I guess I learned to take it for most of the year
But every December when Christmas drew near

And all the other families were out spreadin’ cheer we was sittin’ home being po’ folks
Our Christmas shopping was thumblin’ through the new catalog
Lookin’ and a wishin’ and a wantin’ everything we saw
Little toy trains and little toy boats and sister kept lookin’ at the little girl’s coats

We all sat down and wrote Santa a note but Santa don’t come to see po’ folks
And we wadn’t nothing but po’ folks
Po’ folks livin’ way in the country we never heard the jingle of the jingle bells
Ho ho ho we was po po po’ and if we had Christmas well we just made it ourselves

Daddy took a hatchet and daddy chopped a pine tree down
The only decorations were the ones we made or found
Brother saw some holly in the rich men’s yard he picked it up fast and ran home hard
And mama knew he stole it but bless her heart Christmas ain’t easy on po’ folks
And it ain’t no time for whipping po’ folks

I remember one Christmas it was blowing and a snowing mean
Wadn’t nothing in the kitchen but a few of mama’s homecanned beans
Some ladies from the church brought a basket of food
Mama kinda smiled and she said that’s good

But why don’t you all just take it to the folks that live down the road
They ain’t got as much as we do huh why they’re just po’ folks
She only kept a chicken and enough to make some homemade bread
But you’d’ve thought we was feastin’ from the blessings that my daddy said

And later when kids was tucked in tight
And the fire wadn’t nothin’ but a flickering light
You oughta heard my mama sing Silent Night
‘Cause that’s what you do when you’re po’ folks and we wadn’t nothin’ but po’ folks

Christmas time when you’re po’ folks
The Lord sure must’ve loved us po’ folks ha ha he made a passel of us
Everybody at my house was po’ folks why most of the time we was po’
We couldn’t even pay attention mercy Christmas time when you’re po’ folks

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