Po Po Harmonica tabs

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[Fabolous & (Cop)]
(Alright there ah buddy license and registration
Uh officer is there a problem man what’s going on?
(Yeah, I had a report of a UFO
What’s that?
(An unidentified Ferrari looking object flying by me on the highway
You know how fast you were going?)
Nah not at all man
(you must have been going pretty damn fast because my radar is over there smoking buddy
Keep your hands where I can fucking see ’em too
I heard about you in the paper, I know you got the toaster strudel
Yeah I need some backup over here I’ve got two rap singers)

I wonder briefly
Could it be there’s no roof above me
Or the 22’s underneath me
That’s keeping them sirens flashing on my ass
Should I get to pumping the brakes or mashing on the gas?
I’m naturally harassed
And I feel like I’m getting punked, but I don’t see Ashton in the grass
Nor is there a camera stashed into the dash
It’s a guy in a uniform and a passion that he has
For flashing wit his badge
And shining light in my face
Plus he keep his right hand right by his waist
The wrong move will get a gun right in my face
And they fighting for my life, I’m fighting the case
And I ain’t trying to be the story they twist in the press
Like: the young man resisted arrest
Then he started reaching for something that looks like a pistol I guess
So I pulled on a nigga I mean I pulled on the trigger…figures

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]
I go around the corner what do I see?
Po Po’s following me
Asking for my ID who’s car I’m driving
Po Po’s bothering me
Got me in a lineup, got my hands in cuffs
They don’t want to set me free
Trying to bring me down, when they come around
Po Po’s fucking with me

Awe shit the jakes are fucking with me again
They hate to see me rich, they’d rather see me stuck in the pen
Every time they walk or pull up beside me
Flash lights in my face asking for my registration and ID
I don’t know the reason for the harassment
And the questions they asking
Or the ice grills they get when I’m passing
Or maybe its my fault
Cause I be out all times at night
Doing shit I know I shouldn’t plus I don’t be ridin right
Smokin’ lye, no stash box for me to put the skit
Two warrants, no license and I ain’t got insurance yet
I keep a hammer close because foes want to stick me up
But keep my movement swift because Po’s want to frisk me up
Since ’94 I’ve been told on by 50 descriptions
And in 10 years not once did they get a conviction
These pigs shouldn’t provoke a rider
I’m so tired, they got one more time to f*ck wit me before I open fire

[Nate Dogg]
Ones for the money and twos for the show
Three must be for the motherfucking po po’
I’ve seen ghetto kings fall to the floor
Cause they can’t see ask
(still some of y’all creepin with the Po Po’s
Sleepin wit the Po Po’s
Some of y’all walking wit the Po Po’s
I ain’t fuckin with the Po Po’s)

They gon’ have to put my back on the cement
Before I’m in the back with my knee bent
On my way back to the precinct
I’m back in the G-bent
Black wit the pre-tint
Vanilla aroma to cover the back with the tree scent
The way I ride I know I’m in for a case
But the coupe do 200 so they in for a chase
When it comes to lawyers I got the man Puff uses
That’s why you never seen my wrists with handcuff bruises
I got them hollow tips, to stick up in the are’s
Detectors in the dash, to pick up on the radar
Stash box in it when I purchased the vehicle
So I don’t have a problem wit you searching the vehicle
They probably want to scoop an arrest
I try to throw shots but its cool, I got a coupe like a vest
And ’em troopers will just feel stupid I guess
The slugs will bounce off like they hitting superman’s chest, nigga

Shit man a nigga ain’t even do shit awe shit here comes this dude right now

Alright buddy unfortunately you came back straight, you and your buddy
Scain Scholar get the f*ck outta here I don’t want to see you guys around here again alright

Look take it from Larry lock the rapper, get the f*ck outta here
I don’t want to see you around here again. and by the way
I need an autograph for my kids they love you eh?

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