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Point it out, point it out to me
Point it out, this I’ve got to see

You’re the one that I’m crazy for
And every day it seems I love you more and more
Now if there’s some reason why I shouldn’t love you
The way that I do with a love that is true
Point it out girl, point it out to me
Though I doubt, it could ever be
Love’s a hallway with so many doors
Which one did I go through that made me yours?

I want to close it up and never again
Leave from within to go back where I’ve been
So come on and
Point it out, point it out to me
Lock it up, throw away the key, yeah
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah
That magic somewhere only lovers know
That’s where I want for you and me to go
A life of happiness is guaranteed (guaranteed)
And all that we need is love to succeed

So let me in
(Point it out) point it out, point it out to you
Show your love yeah, girl like you never knew
(Point it out) oh baby now (point it out to me)
Now show your lovin’ (show your lovin’) baby now (like you never knew)
Gotta point it out (point it out) all you have to do (point it out to you)
Gotta show you love me (show you love me) yeah, yeah

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