Poison Pen Harmonica tabs

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“Dear John”, so begins a famous old story
“Goodbye / au-revoir / thanks for the memory”
Keep it short and sweet if you really care

D-l-V-O-R-C-E can be so hurtful,
It makes public property of things that are so personal
All the friends and family grab their share

Ink is black, as black as night,
Black as thoughts that shun the light
Truth will out and maybe then
You’ll put down that poison pen
Poison pen

Everyone enjoys sharing a rumour
But when it’s aimed at you it loses its humour
Sometimes words so innocent cut so deep
Everybody keeps telling me, “talk is cheap”
Sometimes words so innocent – they cut so deep

Black as night, as black as coal,
Black as thoughts that cast a shadow
Right across my soul
I thought that you were my friend
Until you picked up that poison pen

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