Pretty Please (Love Me) Harmonica tabs

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Do you believe in love?
Yes I believe in love
I believe it’s because I’ve tried
And if you know anything
Bout loving anyone
Somehow you got to be satisfied
Oh it’s also changed
At least not for me baby
I’m doin’ what I gotta do
I’ll be fine
Find a way to pass the time
While I sit here waiting on you

(Oh listen)

But as soon as you get the chance baby
You’ve got to

Love me
(Love me baby)
Say I Love me
(Love me baby)
Pretty Please

Know it’s hard, out there
I can imagine how
Who you are, in here
See I can imagine now
What kinda attitude
You don’t have to be
Able to read my mind
I can hardly walk
Without nobody talking
So I might as well go out alive

Just as soon as you get a chance


Why, tell me why you wanna treat me so bad
When you know I love you
Darlin’ don’t you know I’m giving you
The best lovin’ you’ve ever had
No one else for you
Just assume
Just assume
Just assume
Just assume

[Chorus: x2]

Say won’t you come love me
Pretty pretty please
Say if you’ve got the time baby
Come and spend it with me

I’m tired of talkin’ bout it
Just wanna be about it
So come and love me please

There ain’t no tellin’ bout it
You got to be about it
Oh you best’a believe

Pretty please, pretty please
Baby baby baby please
Pretty please, pretty please

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