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Well we were talking and we were drinking
Letting the fat flow go
And we were asking and we were thinking
In the belly of a bar

It was easy almost indifferent
Until my heckles rise
What’s that you’re asking if I remember?
The pub walls are dissolving

The guilt was thin then, his hair long
Brown to match his eyes
It’s none of your business what his name was
Would I even get a prize?

There’s been a hundred and that’s not boasting
Just the ways of this world
How dare he even ask this?
These pub walls are drowning

Your glass is empty just like your heard
It’s these times I don’t know you
And how about you can you remember?
You shake your head and say drunk

It’s a small thing why am I angry?
These words are signs of warning
Because behind them there’s the implication
The pub is burning down

So do I get a prize for remembering that first time
Do I get a prize for remembering his name?

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