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In concepts of space
We were an illusion
A second in the cosmos
A minute in real time
We spent our time in search of life
It was so hard
He started off too late
We were a dream
Product of imagination
By a god unseen
He knew that we would be destroyed
He felt so old, yeah
He knew this was his final chance
After years of trying to get it right
A dreaded foe would try to spoil
Homo sapiens on sight
He guided our direction wisely
Helping only when it was needed
Laying traps for all our enemies
No voice unheaded
Had to keep that satanistic man away
Everything he tried
Came to no avail
There was just destruction
At another’s hand
He tried in vain
To stay the hand
Of his fallen brother
So he tried in vain
Had to keep the satanistic hand at bay, yeah
Can’t let them fall
Can this be all
Everything I’ve tried
Can’t let it ride
They should have a place in time
They should not end
Tried to help us through our life
Helping when we fall
Say those words of satan’s wrath
Try to keep us whole
Aid us in the flight against strife
Comfort when we call
Cast aside the sins we make
Revel in our joy
Have to win this battle, satanists beware
Oh. we have the belief
Violence and power
Have a life to live
In an ivory tower
Had we had more time
We could have been more real
We didn’t stand a chance
Because of powers unseen
Life was over before it had begun
God was wrong
They will fight through all of time
Cursing as they meet
Sending lightning across the sky
A panoply of heat
A battlefield through time and space
A fight of avid fury
Thunder heralds each new move
Only angels as their jury
The fight will last a millions years or more
We won’t be here to tell
Or even keep the score
We can only hope
That we’ll be here for more!
That’s life!

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