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People round me
Got a strong feelin’
My habits ain’t good
Guess I’m losin’
Some good ol’ respect
In this neighbourhood

Give me a break
Stop complaining so loud
As long as you don’t know
What why’are talkin’ about

Won’t be long
Before why’are gonna find out
Why’are local misfit’s gonna be
A national breakout
Gonna prove why’are smalltown
Judgement wrong
Gonna do a lil’ thing
To make you feel

Take life by the neck
& I won’t let go
Entertain this mob
Like fightin’ a bull in a rodeo

I don’t wanna be poor
I gotta have a job
But not like everybody else
On the block

Take you by surprise
Stop complaining so loud
Gonna do a lil’ thing
To make you feel

Just in time rock turns out to be a way to prove why’are not just a too far gone disconnected dopey nitwit makin’ nowhere plans in the basement instead of ….. uh..

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