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The church bell rings, an old drunk sings
A young girl hocks her wedding ring
Down on Rain Street

Down the alley, the icewagon flew
Picked up a stiff that was turning blue
The local kids were sniffin’ glue
There ain’t much else for kids to do
Down Rain Street

Father McGreer buys an ice-cold beer
And a short for Father Loyola
Father John’s got the clap again
He’s drinking Coca-Cola
Down on Rain Street

Bless me Father, I have sinned
I got pissed and I got pinned
And God can’t help the state I’m in
Down on Rain Street

There’s a Tesco on the sacred ground
Where I pulled her knickers down
While Judas took his measly price
As Saint Anthony gazed in awe at Christ
Down on Rain Street

I gave my love a goodnight kiss
I tried to take a late-night piss
But the toiled moved, so again I missed
Down Rain Street

I sat on the floor and watched TV
Thanking Christ for the BBC
A stupid fucking place to be
Down Rain Street

I took my Eileen by the hand
“Walk with me” was her command
I dreamt we were walking on the strand
Down Rain Street

That night Rain Street went on for miles
That night on Rain Street, somebody smiled

(Rain Street)
(Rain Street)
(Rain Street)

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