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Somewhere in Vietnam
A nineteen year old soldier stumbled from a bar room
He said I must be seeing things
That bourbon hit me like a baseball bat
In Belfast, Ireland a little lady dropped her shovel in her garden

As she raced across her yard to ask her neighbor Mrs. Clancy
“what was that?”
In Memphis, Tennesse a teacher raised the window closest to the river
And the children in her classroom swore they heard a choir singin down the street

In Washington, D.C. a private secretary’s lips began to quiver
And the President just put aside some papers and rose quickly to his feet
I lay in a cheap motel in the arms of someone else’s woman
When a loud explosion rocked the room and turned the morning into night

I jumped out of bed and ran into the street with hardly any clothes on
And as the sky lit up my heart stood still and I could feel my face turn white
All at once the clouds rolled back and there stood Jesus Christ in all his glory
And I realized the saddest eyes I’d ever seen were lookin straight at me

I guess I was awakened by the penetrating sound of my own screaming
It didn’t take me long to stumble out of bed and fall down on my knees
As tears rolled down my face I cried “Dear God I’m thankful I was only dreaming.
If I never go to hell Lord its because you scared it out of me.”

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