Revenants Harmonica tabs

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Look upon me for I am the end incarnate
I am the vulture that feeds on the eyes of children
The last breath of the fading, poisoned vial

The birth of a creature that you’ve created
And if all the world is just a stage
Then I am its keeper and I am its ruiner

All these fears unleashed from our darkest dreams
As the world is engulfed by flames, and torn apart by war-born hearts
In the eve of what ill nations breed
There’ll be none left to see our creations made to fail and fall

So watch as the dead walk among us
See this plague manifest from your scorn
And the echoes from revenants of your horror’s past
Shall torment your mind

See hallow ties to a world, build from the blood of pride
And the slaughter of purity and hope
Sacrifice the pure, and rape the righteous
We only live to corrupt, we only want to destroy

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