Revival Harmonica tabs

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Well I passed you by this morning
You were stumblin’ down the street
And by the look upon your face
I could tell you wasn’t
Feeling too sweet
You dropped down to the bottom
That’s what you gone and did
Livin’ in a bad dream
Finally flipped your lid

Well, superman I’ve got news for you
And every body else that’s listenin’ too
There’s a new way out if yer ready to hear
We’re gonna make it clear
What we need is revival yeah!

Revival Woohoo
are are are Revival
Revival yeah

Look at that girl
She’s the saddest thing you’ve ever seen
Washed up and faded
Like a dirty old pair of jeans
She’s running round in circles
But she don’t have a single friend
Looks like her own bitterness
Has twisted her till the end

Well, Mona Lisa look me in the eye
And tell me when you’re gonna get satisfied
I’m gonna spell it out right in front of you
This is what you have to do
Get ready for revival!

are are are Revival Yeah
Revival [Repeat: x5]

It’s gonna lift you right up
From your prison cell
Play it out loud
Like a ringing bell
You go R.E.V.I.V.A.L.


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