Rich Boy Harmonica tabs

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They say he was a spoiled and rotten kid because his parents had some money
They looked down on everything he did and said he acted kind of funny
They say he was confused and mentally abused just because he was a rich kid
All the kids in class always kicked his ass and looked down on everything that he did

When he is old he will own the world
When he grew up he got what he deserved
He was a rich boy
Brace yourself wont you mister
Rich boy got a little sister

She was spoiled and self-centered girl, with daddy’s money in daddy’s world
He called her sweetheart, he called her honey and then showered her with gifts and money
Still she’s a problem child she always been too wild she always hang out with the riff raff
She was always sad, down, depressed and mad and you would never see her laugh

When she is old she will own the world
When she grew up she got what she deserved
She was a rich girl
Listen up now wont you mother
Rich girl got an older brother

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