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Ain’t no thing
Anything I got to say to you
Ain’t no game
That I’m tryin’ tryin’ to run on you

I have fantasies about you
In the middle of the night
I could not live without you
If we ever got it right
One thing I know for sure
You ain’t had no man that’s yours
Ever do right by you

When you came
Into my life, I was in trouble too
Were no flame
But to give up love ain’t worth
These blues

I was driving myself crazy
I was wasted, I was down
Weren’t no time for bein’ lazy
Pleasin’ everybody ’round
Had some trip I had to deal with
Weren’t no love that I could feel it
Ever get right by you

It’s so strange
Hey hey hey little girl
What I’ve been through
Time for a big change
General overhaul of your attitude

All this misery and this cryin’
Ain’t no knowin’ what to do
You got circuitry that’s fryin’ all
For this worryin’ about you
Need a man knows how to fight
Get it over, get it right
Right, right, right by you yeah

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