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Forever doesn’t mean forever anymore
I said forever
But it doesn’t look like I`m gonna be around much anymore
When the heat gets sub-tropical
And the talk gets so topical

Riot act, you can read me the riot act
You can make me a matter of fact
Or a villain in a million
A slip of the tongue is gonna keep me civilian

Why do you talk such stupid nonsense
When my mind could rest much easier
Instead of all this dumb dumb insolence
I would be happier with amnesia

They say forget her
Now it looks like you`re either gonna be for me or against me
I got your letter
Now they say I don`t care for the color that it paints me
Trying to be so bad is bad enough
Don`t make me laugh by talking tough
Don`t put your heart out on your sleeve
When your remarks are off the cuff

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